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The reasons for coming to relationship or couple counselling are many and varied.  Sometimes, people are at the very beginning of their journey together, and are just looking for a relationship ‘health check’.


Sometimes the reason for counselling is more troublesome and couples may not even be sure if or how they can continue together. Whether the relationship is relatively new, or has spanned many years, blocks or problems in communication can frequently be at the core of the struggle. Improvement in communication, will therefore often be a very important part of the work that takes place.

Whilst ideally, both partners will want to attend relationship counselling together, sometimes your partner isn’t ready to take that step. It may still be possible for you to attend sessions on your own, and gain a better understanding of the relationship difficulties and the psychological issues that underpin them. Your partner may choose to join you at a later date, but if not, your counselling can also help to achieve some clarity on possible ways forward, alongside tools and techniques to assist in achieving this.

Relationship Counselling
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