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Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety can  be experienced in a variety of different ways, ranging  from being mildly inconvenient to being completey dibilitating. In it's milder forms, we can find ourselves avoiding doing certain things, maybe  not going to a social event, or avoiding going on holiday. Just generally avoiding doing the things that make us feel uncomfortable or anxious.

When anxiety is more extreme, we can find it consuming our thoughts and inhibiting our ability to sleep. We may experience panic attacks and find ourselves frightened to do every day things, that other people seem to take in their stride. We may avoid doing things that are beneficial to us or that keep us safe, and find ourselves no longer taking enjoyment from our lives.  We can experience increased heartbeats, palpitations, dizziness, and find ourselves feeling irritable.

Therapy can help you with anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. It will offer ways to manage situations as they occur and help you to explore the cause of your feelings.

Is Counselling For Me?

Making the decision to engage in counselling can be a difficult one for many people. Often people feel that their issues are too insignificant to warrant seeing a counsellor, and fear feeling a fraud, or that they might be seen to be "making a fuss about nothing". Others can feel that their problems are far too big, that they might overwhelm the counsellor, or any other person that they might share them with. These are very normal feelings to have, and will be dealt with sensitively by a Professional Counsellor.

A Senior Accredited Counsellor and Senior Accredited Counselling Supervisor with the BACP, I have many years experience of working with clients experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. Helping them to find a way forward, and re-engage with their lives again.

Anxiety Counselling
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